A Happy Christmas to all from Telarah Dog Training November 2022

We completed our year of work with a lovely Christmas Party with many of the dogs and owners dressed up for the occasion.

Much excitement as the dogs and owners get ready for the races – some were obedience related and others like the ‘egg and spoon’ were just plain fun. No, the dogs did not carry the ‘eggs’ – the owners did, with kitchen spoons and tennis balls, still tricky enough with excited dogs!

Last club meetings for the year

The club will then be closed over Christmas and January.

Puppy and beginner dogs need to be prebooked so use email contact form or go to Facebook (Telarah Dog Training page) to get more information and to sign up  if you are interested in coming along.

The next beginner class will commence on Saturday 4 February, but make sure you contact us first.

Two of our dogs are now Delta Dogs

Here at Telarah Dog Training, we use treat training to get excellent results! And this year, here we have Rhonda with her beautiful black Labrador, and Beatrice with her also beautiful golden Australian Cobberdog Maggie, greatly benefitting from the excellent training our club provides.

Both these dogs have passed their assessment with Delta Therapy Dogs this year so they can go, as they are allocated, to hospitals, nursing homes and other places.

Telarah Dog Training Club using treat based training, an essential requirement for Delta Dogs.

Check out the Delta Website to find out more about this wonderful organisation and the work it does. Therapy Dogs | Australia | Delta Society

Miss Australia

Dogs’ Day Out in Maitland Showgrand was a fantastic day with many doggie themed stalls and races for all sizes and classes of dogs. Here are some our club dogs that did so well in the Best Dressed Dog competition:

Dogs, Bandit, Lucy and Lollie
Best Dressed first prize was Lollie